Student Uniforms

All students in the FIPT and EMT Program are required to purchase and wear a uniform designating them as a Fire Technology/EMT student.  Firefighters work in a paramilitary organization, team environment in the trust of the public they serve.  Firefighter/EMT Students should take great pride in the career he or she has chosen.  Wearing a uniform adds awareness to other campus students of your career choice and influences the perception of our students in the FIPT/EMT Program. All you uniform needs are now provided through the College.    

The same uniform purchased for EMT is appropriate for FIPT Courses.  FIPT /EMT students have the privilege of also wearing a patch designating them as FIPT students.

If you are working as an EMT, Fire Explorer, Reserve Firefighter, Cadet Firefighter or have another affiliation with the fire service requiring a uniform you may elect to wear the uniform worn for these fire service affiliations while a student in the FIPT/EMT Program.


One pair of Navy trousers, one light blue shirt & black belt.


     One Miramar FIPT T-Shirt with the Miramar Logo.

Optional hats are also available for outside activities.  Hats may not be worn inside any buildings including classrooms at anytime.

     The total cost for these items is under : $100.00

Black steel-toed boots are required for EMT class and hands on classes (FIPT 150A and FIPT 106) These boots are required for EMT and fire personnel $85.00 once hired. FIPT 150A, FIPT 100D and FIPT 106 Students are required to wear blue shorts, work style pants and Miramar FIPT student T-shirts for the manipulative activities.