Fire Prevention Degree

The Associate of Science Degree in Fire Prevention offered through San Diego Miramar College provides a clear guided pathway to meet the requirements to work in the fire prevention feild.  Miramar Fire Technology is an Accredited Regional Training Program (ARTP) through State Fire Training. The National Fire Protection Association Standards for fire prevention requirements are directly embedded into the Fire Technology Degree and Certificate of Achievement.

The Fire Prevention Degree has been closely coordinated between our agency stakeholders, including San Diego Fire Rescue Department, Cal Fire San Diego, San Diego County Fire Authority and Heartland Fire Training.  The Degree & Certificate program is approved through California State Fire Training, so not only will the graduates of the program earn their degree, but will be ready to meet the challenges facing professionals in the fire service focusing on fire prevenion, fire inspections, code enforcement, weed abadement, and other prevention specialities.

Interested students are encourged to register for the State Fire Marshal Courses in the Fall of 2020.    The courses will be offered completely online with Zoom Meets TBA..  In the Spring of 2021, students who completed ALL of the Fire Marshal courses are eligible for work expereince (Internships - in several cases) working a variety of Fire Prevention Burueas throughout San Diego County to complete the requirments for the Fire Inspector Tasbook. (Depending upon COVID-19 guidelines)

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Fire Liaison Counselor

Isabella Feldman