CAL FIRE Basic Wildland Firefighter Certification

CAL FIRE Basic Fire Academy Checklist

(See Miramar Fire Academy Page for proposed scheduled for 2020-2021). If you are interested in earning your CAL FIRE BASIC Certification ONLY and NOT your SFT Firefighter I, you will still apply for the Fire Academy and complete the Google Form from the Fire Academy Page.  You will indicate you are ONLY looking to be qualified as a Wildland Firefighter and will select the CAL FIRE Only Option.

Written Exam

The written exam is based on FF 1 standards and curriculum from a combination of courses listed above including FIPT 110A and is conducted at the end of the FIPT 394L course. The exam is a 100 question multiple- choice exam. You are allowed 1 hour and 45 minutes. The written exam is conducted by CAL FIRE and is now included as part of the FIPT 394L CAL FIRE BASIC Bridge course. This course will be offered as part of the Cohort of Courses for the Firefighter I Academy.

Once a student has completed the courses listed above he/she will be eligible to receive a CAL FIRE Basic Fire Academy certificate issued by CAL FIRE.  At the end of FIPT 394L, Students are to submit evidence of all requirements listed above including transcripts, certificates, CAL FIRE Ladder skills check-off and completion of the CAL FIRE Basic Written Exam.  Students in 394L will need to prepare their package as one pdf document. Instructions will be provided at the end of the 394L class to complete the certification will CAL FIRE.

1.     CalFire check off sheet

2.     Ladder test sheet (kept with Instructional Lab Technicians)

3.     Written test score (kept with Instructional Lab Technicians)

4.     Copy of unofficial transcripts as needed in PDF form

5.     All required certifications in one PDF

We are NO longer issuing Credit by Exam for FIPT 110A, FIPT 150A and 150B starting March 15, 2019.  ALL Students must complete these classes on our campus if pursuing the CAL FIRE Basic Academy Certification. This program DOES NOT recognize a Fire Academy from another college.  This agreement is unique to students in the San Diego Miramar Program.  The CAL FIRE BASIC ACADEMY Certificate issued at the end of the training is recognized by all CAL FIRE Units across the state.

CAL FIRE Ladder Skills Sheet

CAL FIRE Basic Power Point (Review)