Cal Fire Basic Wildland Firefighter Certification

Cal Fire Basic Fire Academy Checklist

Cal Fire - San Diego Unit, in conjunction with Miramar College FIPT provides training and certification courses that when combined are equivalent to the Cal Fire Basic Wildland Firefighter Academy.  This certificate is required for entry level employment as a Seasonal Firefighter for Cal Fire.  The following classes must be completed at Miramar College or Southwestern.  Classes outside of Miramar or Southwestern will need to be verified through the credit by exam process. (Note: The following classes are bundled together to earn the Cal Fire Basic Certificate, there is NOT a stand alone Cal Fire Basic Academy)

FIPT 150A (8 week course) Course

FIPT 150B (8 week course) Course

FIPT 110A  Wildland Course (includes S-130, S-190, L-180) Cal Fire Written Exam

FIPT 323B (CSTI) Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations - 24 hours

FIPT 322B Confined Space Awareness - 8 hours

FIPT 394L (Special Topics) FSTEP Firefighter Safety & Survival - 24 hours

(FYI not FIPT 120)

Once a student has completed the courses listed above he/she will be eligible to receive a Cal Fire Basic Fire Academy certificate issued by Cal Fire.  Students must first have the FIPT Program Director verify completion of the required courses.

Students who already have credit for FIPT 150A/150B or 110A may request a petition to repeat the course due to State Mandated Training Requirement.  See admissions.

This process RETIRES December 31, 2017.  Starting January 2018, CAL Fire Requires the CA State Fire Training Firefighter 1 (2013 series) Course Completion Checklist.  Miramar College is currently reviewing the process to develop a similar list of bundled classes to meet the new hiring guidelines. Cal Fire will accept the current 2017 guidelines during the 2018 hiring cycle. FYI.

For further information or questions please contact your FIPT Program Director Darren Hall at