CAL FIRE Basic Wildland Firefighter Certification

CAL FIRE Basic Fire Academy Checklist

CAL FIRE - San Diego Unit, in conjunction with Miramar College FIPT provides training and certification courses that when combined are equivalent to the CAL FIRE Basic Wildland Firefighter Academy.  This certificate is required for entry-level employment as a Seasonal Firefighter for CAL FIRE and ONLY available to San Diego Miramar College students who have attended FIPT 150A and 150B on our campus.  (Remaining Certifcations may be obtained at other locations.) Note: The following classes are bundled together to earn the CAL FIRE Basic Certificate, there is NOT a stand- alone CAL FIRE Basic Academy)

Fire Technology Courses Required for CAL FIRE Basic Certification

San Diego Miramar College Transcripts are requried

FIPT 150A (8 week course) Course

FIPT 150B (8 week course) Course (Includes CAL FIRE Ground Ladder)

Classes or Certificaitons - Only Certifications are required

FIPT 110A  Wildland Course S-130, S-190, L-180 or just these certifications

FIPT 323B (CSTI) Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations - 24 hours

FIPT 322B Confined Space Awareness - 8 hours

FIPT 322C FSTEP Firefighter Survival - 24 hours

Written Exam

The written exam is based on FF 1 standards and curriculum from a combination of courses listed above including FIPT 110A.  Make sure to review the CAL FIRE Basic Power Points on this webpage! The exam is a 100 question multiple- choice exam. You are allowed 1 hour and 45 minutes. You will use a provided scan-tron for the answer sheet.  DO NOT WRITE ON THE EXAM.  The passing score is 80%. You are allowed multiple attempts, but on different dates.

The exam MUST be taken in the Independent Learning Center. (ILC) Room L104. You may walk in at anytime between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Center closes at 8:00pm).

Students will return the scan-tron and student information sheet to the ILC staff. Fire Technology staff will grade the exam and email the results. The results must be included in the final documentation provided to the college on the checklist.

Ladder Skills Exam

Students must show proficiency in raising and lowering the CAL FIRE Three Section 20' Ground Ladder. The ladder exam is completed in FIPT 150B and students must have completed the Ladder Skills sheet provided on this webpage.

Certification Process through Miramar Fire Technology and CAL FIRE

Program Director Darren Hall is temporarily the coordinator for the CAL FIRE Certification Process. Please contact him via email at you have any questions. Again, this process is ONLY for San Diego Miramar College students starting March 15, 2019.

Once a student has completed the courses listed above he/she will be eligible to receive a CAL FIRE Basic Fire Academy certificate issued by CAL FIRE.  Students are to submit evidence of all requirements listed above including transcripts, certificates, CAL FIRE Ladder skills check-off and completion of the CAL FIRE Basic Written Exam.  Download the checklist and complete it and make one PDF file emailed to

1.     CalFire check off sheet

2.     Ladder test sheet (kept with Instructional Lab Technicians)

3.     Written test score (kept with Instructional Lab Technicians)

4.     Copy of unofficial transcripts as needed in PDF form

5.     All required certifications in one PDF

We are NO longer issusing Credit by Exam for FIPT 150A and 150B starting March 15, 2019.  ALL Students must complete these classes on our campus if pursuing the CAL FIRE Basic Academy Certification.

CAL FIRE Ladder Skills Sheet

CAL FIRE Basic Power Point (Review)