Scheduled Dates

Firefighter Entry Level Written Tests & CPAT Scheduled

Jan 10, 2018 (Wed) - CPAT Practice/Orientation

Jan 24, 2018 (Wed) - CPAT Exam

February 1, 2018 (Thurs) - CPAT Practice/Orientation

February 27, 2018 (Tues) - CPAT Exam

March 5, 2018 (Mon) - CPAT Practice/Orientation

March 21, 2018 (Wed) - CPAT Exam

April 11, 2018 (Wed) - CPAT Practice/Orientation

April 25, 2018 (Wed) - CPAT Exam

May 7, 2018 (Mon) - CPAT Practice/Orientation

May 23, 2018 (Wed) - CPAT Exam

Fall 2017 Career Fair / Fire Expo / Women in the Fire Service  September 22 (Saturday)

Firefighter Candidate Testing Center & CPAT

Are you ready to take the next steps in your quest to become a firefighter? Don't miss your opportunity to take FCTC CPAT and written test, an important step in qualifying for the Statewide Eligibility List.

What is FCTC s Statewide Eligibility List?

FCTC maintains a list of eligible candidates to be used by California fire departments during their hiring process. is your one-stop resource for information, requirements, testing and finding a job as a firefighter.


Individuals who can demonstrate a financial hardship may apply for a grant through the California Fire Foundation. Please complete both the CA Fire Foundation Grant Application and the FCTC Registration Form.  

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Firefighter Candidate Testing Center

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