Fire Acdemy - On Campus Alternate Delivery Option

Going to a Fire Academy is not always an option for all of our students. Several challenges including, costs, schedules, working as an EMT or Paramedic or other life factors may prohibit a student from attending the traditional fire academy. The Miramar Fire Technology program offers an alternate option for students to earn their Firefighter I Certification required for Entry Level Employment without attending the traditional 16 week Fire Academy. While we still recommend the Fire Academy for the quickest and most direct route, this alternative option maybe appealing to you.  

Students who are seeking the same qualifications can take ALL of the courses listed under the Alternate Fire Academy plan.  These courses, along with the Required Degree courses maybe taken at anytime and outside of the order recommended on the list with the exception of FIPT 381G.  Students must complete the FIPT 381G Skills Review and Certification Course which will be offered starting June of 2018 and then offered every January and June.  The course is two weeks long and requires full attendance.  The FIPT 381G course includes the State Fire Training Written and Skills Exam for Structure, Wildland and Hazardous Materials meeting the IFSAC and ProBoard National Standards.

Financial aid and Veteran Students may use their benefits for ALL classes listed in the degree and certification.  The bookstore will provide all necessary equipment available for rent for the FIPT 381G Exam course (This class includes live structure fire attack).  Students who are planning to complete the alternate delivery method also must utilize the Evals Web Based program for tracking their progress throughout ALL classes. Access to EVALS is rented through the bookstore an can be exported at the conclusion of the program. The Evals Program includes videos for skills and a written exam testing bank for similar questions for all three Written Final Exams.

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CA State Fire Training requires an experience component for completion of the Firefighter I Certifcation. (One year part-time experience or 6 months full time expereince).  Students are strongly encouraged to ccomplete the requirements for San Diego County Fire Authority and become a Reserve Firefighter to begin the one year expereince requirement while completing the remaining courses offered.  

Miramar students can complete a majority of the Firefighter I taskbook through the courses listed in the Alternate Dleivery Method along coupled with the expereince component as a Reserve Firefighter.