Accredited Regional Firefighter I Fire Academy  Heartland Fire Training

Candidates for the Academy must pass the Reserve Firefighter Exam for Heartland Fire Rescue (Cities of El Cajon, La Mesa and Lemon Grove) typically held in October of each year. Heartland Fire Rescue or other regional fire departments sponsor the Reserve Firefighter candidates.

In addition to the Reserve Firefighters in the Fire Academy, there are usually 4-5 Open Enrollee positions. These positions are selected through an Application Process and Interview completed in the month of November. The most qualified candidates are selected as Open Enrollees and are not sponsored and must pay for the costs out of pocket, typically about $3,500. Candidates maybe eligible for Financial Aid, Scholarships and the GI Bill based on military experience.

Successful candidates who complete the academy will be hired as Reserve Firefighters.  Successful Open Enrollees may be selected as Reserve Firefighters if positions are available.  Heartland Fire hires directly from the pool of Reserve Firefighters who are also qualified paramedics.

Candidates receive credit for FIPT 381F (Fire Academy Units), plus certificates for the following State Fire Training (SFT) certificates: LARRO, Auto Extrication and Fire Control 3. Candidates will complete the IFSAC Firefighter Task Book during the FIPT 381F Fire Academy. Candidates will then complete the FIPT 381G Miramar Regional Firefighter I Certification Course that includes preparation for both the written and skills exam, the IFSAC Written Exam and IFSAC Skills Exam.  The Task Book qualifies the candidate for entry-level Nation-wide employment opportunities once the experience qualification is satisfied. (1 year Reserve Firefighter) or (6 months for fulltime firefighters).

For additional Information please visit www.heartlandfiretraining.org

Requirements to Apply:

Students must posses the following certifications prior to the start of the Academy.

Nationally Registered EMT

FIPT 110A (IFSAC) Wildland

FIPT 323B (IFSAC / CSTI) Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations

FIPT 322B Confined Space Awareness

Note: Students who completed the FIPT 110 and FIPT 323 before IFSAC Certification was implemented will complete the IFSAC written and skills exam at the completion of the FIPT 381F Fire Academy.