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Laz Lahera

The Miramar Fire Academy Courses are NOW organized as Cohorts - meaning all students take the series of courses together in one of the three options listed below for 2020-2021.  

     1. *COVID-19 Spring 2020 Students Priority Statement: Students who have completed at least one of the courses in the cohort list below from a previous semester will be given priority enrollment to complete the Fire Academy courses due to cancellation of Spring and Summer of 2020.  

     2. ALL Students (New or previously enrolled) must apply for the academy. (See Application Process)  

     3. Each Academy will have 40 Students. Selected students will be given add codes for each of the FIPT Academy courses and MUST take the courses as outlined in one of the three cohort options listed below. (Full-time Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 or Part-time 2020-21 Fall & Spring

     4. The academy options are tentatively scheduled to start in Fall, assuming the Fire Academy courses are allowed to return to campus based on Local County COVID-19 guidelines.  Approval anticipated in early August.

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