Fire Acdemy - San Diego Fire & Rescue

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, in conjunction with Miramar College, periodically conducts a Basic Fire Academy (FIPT 381S) at the Naval Training Center (NTC) near Lindbergh Field.

Candidates for the Academy must pass the Firefighter Recruit test for SD Fire Rescue to be selected to attend the Fire Academy.  Generally, San Diego hires Firefighter Recruits every two-three years.  The Fire Recruits are paid to attend the academy through SD Fire Rescue.

In addition to the Fire Recruits in the Fire Academy, there are usually 6-8 Open Enrollee positions.  These positions are selected through a Open Enrollee Lottery conducted by SD Fire Rescue Human Resources.  Eligible candidates are selected from Category A (Highly desirable from eligibility list created from the Firefighter Recruit Test) to enter the drawing.

Selected Open Enrollees are not paid by the department and must pay for the costs out of pocket, including uniforms and tuition. Selected Open Enrollees must have a current CPAT card at time of the Fire Academy.

San Diego Fire-Rescue has an excellent history of hiring successful Open Enrollee Candidates who complete the Fire Academy.