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Entry Level Beach Lifeguard Information

Lifeguard Entry Level 2019 Academy Flyer

Miramar College and the San Diego Regional Lifeguards Training Program offers three lifeguard academies each Summer for entry-level lifeguarding opportunities in San Diego County.

Course Description

This 80-hour introductory level course involves lecture and skills training for those aspiring to be lifeguards for ocean and inland beaches. Subject matter ranges from the history of lifeguarding and the responsibilities of the individual lifeguard to the hands-on skills required to rescue and assist the public.  Content of the course will follow the standards of the United States Lifesaving Association. Special note: This course is extremely physically demanding; excellent health and physical fitness is required; strong swimming skills required in order to successfully pass this course.

Lifeguarding Degree

Miramar also offers an Associate's Degree and Certificate in Lifeguarding.  Please see the current college catalog for specific information found under FIPT - Fire Technology section of the catalog.

Emergency Medical Care of Sick/Injured

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