Company Officer 2E - Wildland Incident Operations for Company Officers

Company Officer 2E -  Wildland Incident Operations for Company Officers is offered through Miramar College  three (3) times a year. You may register for the classes through traditional registration at Miramar College

All students must complete the NWCG S-290 in person course PRIOR to attending. Bring a copy of S-290 to the first day of class for verification of attendance.

(Online course NOT acceptable).

You must pay for class tuition.  There is an additional CSFM Fee for class materials and State Certification. Please see payment link under State Fire Courses.

You may download the required textbook for the course prior to the first day from the link to the left or purchase a copy from the Bookstore.  SDFD Employees will be provided a copy.

Students are typically employed with an agency and attending this course for promotion to Company Officer.  Dress Code: Fire Department uniforms are required for all CSFM courses offered through Miramar College.

Miramar Will provide a complimentary 5-Day parking pass for you.

Required Prereqs:

Firefighter One

NWCG S-290

Before attending Company Officer 2E students must complete the NWCG S-290 IN-PERSON course.

CSFM Student  Manual