CA Driver Operator 1B - Pumping

Driver Operator 1B (FIPT 321P) is offered through Miramar College and offered three (3) times a year. You may register for the course through traditional registration at Miramar College

All students must complete the Driver Operator 1A prior to class.  

You must pay for class tuition.  There is an additional CSFM Fee for class materials and State Certification. Please see payment link under State Fire Courses. Students are encouraged to purchase the latest copy of IFSTA Driver Operator prior to class.

The CSFM Student Workbook and Powerpoints are available at the Miramar Bookstore or can be downloaded online on the left column.

Students are typically employed with an agency and attending this course for promotion to Engineer.  Students need to have firefighter turnouts and brush gear for the last two days of Driver Operator 1B.

Student Handouts have been provided online to download for additional study materials and references.  Handouts will not be provided in the classroom.

CSFM Student Manual Download

Driver Operator 1B Powerpoints

Sacraficial Anode Handout

Pump Chart  Handout

Pump Cavitation Handout

Pump Primer Handout

Troubleshooting Handout

Relief Valve  Handout

Pump Maintenance Handout