Instructor Methodology I

Psychomotor Teaching Demonstration #1

1.     Topic: Select a Psychomotor Lesson Plan from the Firefighter One Curriculum provided in class from the instructor.

2.     Assignment: Change the first page of the information from "Behavior Objectives" to now include "Terminal Learning Objective" and "Enabling Learning Objective".

3.     Presentation: Prepare to give a 4-5 minute presentation that focuses on providing the topic, Time Frame, Authority, Terminal and Enabling Objectives and a strong Motivational Introduction or "Preparation".

This is usually the third day (afternoon) of the course.

Dynamic Presentations

Psychomotor Teaching Demonstration #2

1. Topic: You are to choose a topic of your choice (Approved by the instructor) and prepare a 10 min presentation focus on the new psychomotor lesson plan following the 4 step method of instruction.

2. Presentation: The presentation must include two forms of audio visual aids, PowerPoint or keynote are options and one other audio visual aid of your choice.

3.  Dress: You may dress in clothing appropriate for the lesson, a suit or your uniform.

This assignment is usually completed day four and five of the course.

Make sure to bring (3)  copies of your lesson plan.

Teaching Demonstration #1

Teaching Demonstration #2

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